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Thread: Need Help In JavaScript

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    Need Help In JavaScript

    Hey guys,

    My Board - Donation Page

    I have a form here and I have JavaScript set to require a minimum value. Currently, the Javascript is:

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function validate_form ( )
    valid = true;
    if ( document.donation_form.amount.value < "5" )
    alert ( "Please enter a minimum of 5 USD." );
    valid = false;
    return valid;
    However, when you add anything 10+ it gives an error. Can anybody figure out why its doing this? The problem seems to be that its only reading the first digit, so if you have anything from 10 to 49 it will give an error, but when you get to 50 its fine again.
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    JavaScript can sometimes be hard to troubleshoot because it operates slightly differently in IE and FireFox.

    Try removing the quotes from around the "5". Normally, it should not matter, but you are treating it as a string rather than a numeric value. It's a good idea to leave the quotes off of numeric values.

    Make sure that you test all JavaScript in several different browsers.
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