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Thread: Outlook VBA Task

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    Outlook VBA Task

    Hi All,

    I got a task to automate some stuff in Outlook.

    my macro is ready and when ever i ask it to work its doing its task.

    now comes two critical requirement which are yet to be met and that's exactly where i need your help.

    1. i am using 2 outlook profiles as i have two exchange servers.
    macro should run online when profile is proper.
    2. macro should autorun at specific interval example 6:00 AM morning.

    also what i wanted to achive was that at any point if the outlook is not opened then my code should be able to select the profile to open, login inside outlook, and then run the macro.

    can this be achieved in strings of commands.

    if yes please help me otherwise do guide me to where i can get help.

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    Can anyone help me on this.

    Note : I hope bumping is allowed.

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