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Thread: PHP Form verification: preg or built in functions

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    PHP Form verification: preg or built in functions

    I currently use separate functions to verify form data eg regular expressions to check email addresses, and other functions for length, cleaning the data etc

    I see there are now also built in functions to check form data
    eg filter_var($email,FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); to check email addresses

    Which is the best approach (ie most secure, fastest)? Use separate functions that I write or modify myself or to use the built in functions?


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    Yeah I dont use those either, I use my own functions for validating strings.
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    Why is that Keldorn?
    Just because you've always done it that way (same as me) or because you think the built in functions don't work as well as your own functions?

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    Its just more stuff I have to remember. I'm a bit too lazy to look threw the filter_var manual. I already have email validation covered already.
    So far I haven't found a need to look threw the filter_var for anything that I am having trouble with, but I probably will someday might take interest its in IP validation method.
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