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Thread: PHP Frameworks

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    PHP Frameworks

    Are you using CodeIgniter, CakePHP or another web application framework when developing your PHP applications?

    If yes, why? If no, why not?

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    For my day job the developers there use Symfony. I've worked quite a bit with it, deploying all the applications and such, and I find it to be a quality system.

    It's the only one I have experience with, as I'm not a developer myself. It's another one to look into when deciding which one to choose.

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    I use Smarty.

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    I don't use frameworks because I like to work direct with PHP rather than an interpreted language version (if that is the right phrase).

    It's already a powerful and easy to use language.

    Which way to go? It depends on the level of complexity of a new development I guess. I tend to modify existing scripts, write plugins, or create small standalone apps.

    If you need to create template-driven sites from scratch then I have seen Smarty being mentioned a lot.

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    Framework doesn't interpret your code at all. Frameworks handle a lot of the code that you would rewrite for each project.

    They provide a framework in which to work so you can get directly down to writing your application.
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    I am not using any yet. I haven't really seen a need for them as I do everything from scratch. I am looking into it though. We just started using MVC in my Web Application class for ASP.NET.

  7. Dave recently posted that phpLD was moving from Smarty to jQuery.
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    never used a framework till now.... but would like to try once with zend and symphony.

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    jQuery is the sexiest javascript framework ever. SOOO SEXY. I <3 jQuery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    jQuery is the sexiest javascript framework ever. SOOO SEXY. I <3 jQuery.
    I am not trying to be rude but this looks like a thread about PHP frame work and not JavaScript framework

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