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Thread: PHP Redirect issue

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    PHP Redirect issue

    What would be the coded that would be needed to redirect a user and still show its refer?

    I am bouncing unwanted traffic off my proxy sites and sending them to my proxy list. Now in my proxy list the visitor counts are increasing but when I look at the refer links its not showing the sites I would have to say it showing as direct type in.

    I am assuming the script needs to return the refer header but I cant seem to find any that work or do this.

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    You must be using a meta refresh or something like that which is blanking the referrer. You want some thing like below to keep the referrer.

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    Beware of security !

    Hackers can't stop the redirection now.

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    The referer header is set by the client so you can't do it through php.
    This seems like a pretty good solution.

      print "<html><head><title>redirect</title><meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\" content=\"0; URL=$url\"><head><body onLoad=\"javascript: window.location='$url';\">$url</body></html>";
    Where $url is where you want to redirect to.

    That will allow the url of the script that does the redirecting to show up as the referer.

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