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Thread: PHP...use it?

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    PHP...use it?

    Do you use PHP? Have you coded anything in it? Share.

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    Well, I just edited some code of a phpbb2 forum, to add plugins or hacks
    It's more difficult than html, but you can do much better works

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    Unhappy yes....

    I have worked with PHP a little bit. Actually i am a ASP.NET professional so for me it was a little bit hard to code in PHP. Syntax of PHP is so different than ASP.NET.

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    that right. PHP is very good. I am using it and confortable about it

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    am learning php now
    so wats its like working on it?
    is it really difficult like everyone says about it?

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    rt now im learning php...but it is difficult....

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    Yes I know and use php. Its pretty easy

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    PHP is an advanced way of HTML. Right now I'm learning it in my book that I bought from a bookstore.

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    I've used it a bit for database stuff, wordpress stuff, etc. but nothing major.

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