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Thread: PHP vs. ASP.NET

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    PHP is easy, gets the job done and runs on low cost hosting. So I have no need to even take a look at ASP.NET

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    Should someone say ASP is more secured than PHP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueschooled View Post
    Should someone say ASP is more secured than PHP?
    Why would someone say that? Microsoft servers are not any more secure than Unix/Linux servers. I know lots of people who have migrated away from Microsoft servers due to repeated hacker attacks and server vulnerabilities.

    As far as the code writing goes, both are pretty secure if the programmers follow best practices for coding.

    My personal opinion is that Microsoft servers allow sloppy coding practices more than Unix/Linux. One reason is because the case of characters in URLs does not matter. For example, default.asp, Default.asp and DEFAULT.asp all represent the same page on a Microsoft server, while they would be different pages/URLs on both a Linux/Unix server and with most search engines. Some of the worst web site evaluations that I do are for sites on Microsoft servers because of all of the bizarre coding issues that I run into.
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    PHP :

    - It is open source and free
    - Easier to learn due to its basic scripting language structure and build in functionality
    - It supports multiple platform
    - It is faster due to the overheads imposed by .Net’s Common Language Runtime, which is responsible for intermediate compilation of .Net’s many languages
    - It is a loosely typed, objects optional, fixed syntax, component-less, runtime interpreted, structured programming model. :

    - It requires a Microsoft licenses
    - Requires a basic knowledge of object orientated concepts which can sometimes hard for newbie developers
    - Single platform and will only run on Microsoft web servers
    - It is strongly typed, object oriented, multi-syntax, event driven, forms oriented, and pre-compiled experience.

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    .NET would get my vote
    PHP is nice to start on, but it seems the "big boys" use .NET
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    ASP and PHP are both programming languages. Both are use for creating websites. ASP is short term Active Server Pages, and Its need microsoft server for execution and PHP programs can also run in Windows and Unix.

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    MSSQL is much faster but heavy on resources and expensive license too

  8. Use both, but for different things. They are both good.

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    I am also a big fan of PHP. I have some background on this kind of programming language. I prefer PHP programming than ASP or

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    I would like to develop an ASP.NET site to learn the process. It is appealing to be able to tightly control, and test the interaction between server and client.

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