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Thread: Which Programming Language do you know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    I have...
    • 1 year of VB
    • 1 year of Java
    • 6 years of PHP/MySQL
    You have 1 year of vBulletin. lulz.. Stupid auto acronym thing eh?

    Okay so when you guys say you know this language and that. Are you serious or just kidding yourselves?
    Like could any of you really write a full fledged application in C#, PHP or Java that works?
    If not being able to open a already made programming file and edit little parts of it doesn't really count in my book as knowing a lanuage. As for myself
    I know a little bit of Javascript and make my around Perl with some dificultly. I couldn't certainly write any huge functions from scratch with them though.
    But I know PHP pretty good. I would say I'm getting a little past intermediate level with it. I can write functions and different things without looking up anything in the PHP docs.
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    I use Visual Basic language for create a desktop application this is one of the easy language to create a Stand alone application so this one is used.
    For create a web application I will go for the java language such useful language than others and create a web application smarter than others.

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    Im pretty good at PHP and MySQL - no pro tho

    Have done some C, Assembly and Visual basic.

    Gonna have to learn C and Java OOP (maybe more languages too) on my Masters tho..

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    Hardcore Java ( i mean epic skills )
    I get the syntax of practically every language most of you probably heard of.
    dipped my legs a bit into PHP, not deep enough to consider myself a programmer (nobody would hire me with my knowledge, not that i know very little, im just not fluent and fluid enough with it)

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    Java, C++, C, LISP (way back), Ada (from way back)...code hack on ecma/javascript, php, pearl, C#, and VB.
    C was my first, Java was my favorite for app development, and I was forced to do Ada and LISP (separate times)...
    What are intro classes teaching now-adays? C++?Java?

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    I'm currently learning about PHP and MySQL, and Visual Basic too. I have learned about this in my Management Information System book.

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    I dabble a bit in and but no pro. Still learning but managing to use it on my own sites.

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    I've coded a bit in BASIC, C/C++, Assembly (iapx86), COBOL, Java, JavaScript, PHP, PERL, Unix shell (Bourne/KSH/Bash), and a few dead languages few people have ever heard of.
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    I know only two programing languages
    1. c++
    2. java

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