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  1. steps to completion

    Currently I always deliver half finished sites, or sites that do not fully comply with my goals i had at start. that's why im making this topic, I am very interested in how you guys work to build a site from start to end.

    so what do you guys start with?

    setting up all the database tabels?
    building a main layout?

    and what do you guys end with?

    building the administration panel?
    creating the dynamic content code?

    and everything in between?

    How do you keep motivated when something is not working as you like?
    Do you give up when something takes to long or just create something close to what you wanted?


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    Mostly it goes like this:
    1) Research
    2) Googling for concurrents
    3) Watch how they do it
    4) Write down the do's and don'ts
    5) Search a good template
    6) Writing content
    7) Eventually, let someone code an admin pannel for me, but smarty works fine
    8) Start promoting here and there

    I keep myself motivated, just by thinking about the number of '$$$' I can make with it when it's done

    When it takes TOO long, than I mostly quit.. but eventually, I restart doing it 4 months later and than finish it

    |Nico Lawsons

  3. I start with a customer problem.

    From there I go to a business plan. That's a way to solve the customer problem and make money while doing it.

    From there it's a high-level design vision as to what the project should work like. This focuses on inputs, processing, and output.

    That data drives tool selection. Tool choices tell me if I need to bring in specialists to do implementation, integration, or larger scale software development.

    Then we build a site with the barest basic functionality and we try to use it.

    Incrementally, we add new functionality and test each piece as it's implemented.

    Eventually we're happy enough with what we've built to share it with the world. We do some end-to-end testing and then we make a public announcement.

    I'm too old and cranky to deal with DFD's, FRD's, or ERD's.

    But... have you looked into RAD? It sounds like this could really help you.
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  4. RAD is pretty interesting Im currently trying out ConceptDraw to create website plans lol ... its really great actually

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    Mostly I plan first the things I needed for the site, mostly databases, the process, and most of all, the usability

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    Whoa... I need to catch up to the rest of you with all your fancy planing skills. Most of the time for me it's like so: first off, I get a domain, then I either design a crappy text based logo, or pay someone to make me a logo. Then I design the front end of the website, put some articles and such on there, then I work on a the backend.

    That's my $5 doller plan, so... you owe(refering to anyone who read my post) me five dollers because you read it kay?
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  7. Planing is good, but if you spend more time on planing than building - you can end up with nothing in your hands

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    I have three major steps.

    1. I choose a product I want to promote. Or, email newsletter I want to promote.
    * This takes some time and lots of research.

    2. I create the website.
    * If I promote product directly, I don't create my own website. Just my own
    domain, what redirects to product's website.
    * If I promote my email newsletter. I'm going to create my own website.
    - I start by creating a rough concept (with pen and paper)
    - Then I make the graphics (I create them myself, or outsource the process)
    - Then I use my awesome html skills (with a website builder ) and complete
    the website.

    3. Then I set up a PPC campaign or Article Marketing campaign.
    * This takes lots of time and research too.

    I discuss these steps in more (much more) detail in my ebook. The ebook is almost ready.

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