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Thread: Translating text in PHP code into another Language

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    err I'm not sure if understand what you're trying to do but..

    you can try using language system for the website where $nav[1] = "Home"; in english.php and it's $nav[1] = "Home in Turksih"; in turkish.php and you simply switch the files regarding the desired language

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    We are coming to the right spot but the earliest stage. If you have not translated any code, possibly you will have difficulties to see what the problem is. What you say is the earliest stage of the translation. I am talking about far ahead. If you start translating all the text inside the "" marks probably you know what happens. The tool should select only the one being printed on the screen as pure text like the example you gave. The program, must be a comprehensive software, not like an editor. I have found

    Please install this program. I just found it, and is a bit doing what I need but not good at all.
    Harun Karaman

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