A good web developer is not the one who has excelled in web programming and programming languages, but the one who can create usable, logical and coherent codes. There are several tips and guidelines that programmers use so as to produce quality and functional codes, no matter what the language used is: C ++ , Visual Basic, Java or PHP.
  1. Avoid repeating the same variable: when the program is complex and big. Although many developers claim that this is a waste of memory, if the program needs debugging the same variables could prove seriously confusing to the debugger.
  2. Variables should be declared in the same place: This can prove really helpful to the developer when he needs to check if a particular variable is declared. It is easier to keep track of them this way. It is recommended to define the variables under the function declaration.
  3. Declare only used functions and variables: You don’t need to complicate things by declaring unnecessary or irrelevant variables.
  4. Avoid Labels: Although some programs, such as Basic, allow you to use several labels, it is recommended not to, because that can weigh heavily on the operational system.
  5. Use commenting: The main web developer might be able to see the logic of programming but this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone else who might be involved in the coding process. Commenting helps the identification of logic when needed.
  6. Use Frameworks such as Symphony, or RoR: Frameworks can help you do different things at once and lay out the applications in a functional and maintainable way.

I’d like to see some tips from your side.