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Thread: Wanting to learn PHP/MySQL. What is the best place to start?

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    Question Wanting to learn PHP/MySQL. What is the best place to start?

    Hello all, after years of sticking only with HTML CSS, I have decided to try and teach myself PHP/MySQL. Do any of you have any suggestions on where I should start?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I highly suggest you to use the classic trial and error method. It's how I learned every programming language I know of (Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript).

    And it will give you skills to learn anything else you want tio very rapidly. And I mean it.

    Get Dev-PHP 2 (PHP code editor - you can use Notepad (i do) but this is easier to use for starters).

    Get yourself some basic PHP scripts (maybe a PHP Form to email script) and open it in PHP-Dev.

    Look at its source code. Try to understand how does it work: what does each line do.
    How is it structured.

    Try, try and try in your hosting account (a shared account will do) if you don't know how to setup a WAMP server (it's really easy though).

    Need help on a specific function? Google "functionname php" and you'll get the official manual's help.
    Need a specific function? Do the same.

    You can also ask. But if you find each function by yourself you will never forget it.

    Best of luck
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    I liked the 'try-it-yourself' HTML and CSS tutorials at W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Their PHP Tutorial looks good too.

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