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Thread: Weird XHTML(?) problem... Need Help.

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    Weird XHTML(?) problem... Need Help.

    I've been beating my head against the wall with this problem I have...

    Ok, Here it is...

    I have a site with table design (I know, I know... )
    It is joomla site and uses xhtml DOCTYPE (have to be that way...)

    It shows correctly in Firefox and old IE6 but I can't get it to work in IE7 or IE8...

    The strange problem is this...

    If I copy a source code of the page and save that as HTML to local drive - everything works perfect!

    But on the server it is PHP file and IE7 or IE8 does not render table "height" correctly...

    Maybe it is something very simple and I've been looking at the code for to long, but for the life of me, I can't put my finger on it....

    Any help appreciated...

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    can you show us the site live?

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    Sure, Here it is:

    Welcome to the Frontpage



    So far I figured the following:

    1. FireFox and IE7 renders table in the same fashion if file has html extension.. (don't know if that relevant to the problem)

    here is the temp file that shows that: temp file

    2. IE6 renders tables correctly because it is in a quirk mode (does not support xhtml doctype?)

    3. I can pass height in % from CSS and it works with FireFox but not with IE7... (actually this solution is all over th web )

    4. If I pass height as (px) it works just fine in both browsers....

    I would be happy to use px but what I need is "dynamic" cell heights and with PX it is fixed.....
    Any suggestion ?
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    It looks like the problem is the path to the CSS file. A path can be interpreted differently when running locally.

    Try using the full path to the CSS file, rather than a relative path.
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