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Thread: What do you think about jQuery?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Steve Jobs (and others) think that HTML5 will kill Flash.
    Well they are probably thinking video,but i am thinking appearance of a webiste, html can hardly compare to flash when it comes to the possibilities of appearance and flexibility.Thats the reason why i said that jQuery is the best alternative to flash.

  2. In phpLD we are switching from Smarty to jquery. More to come on that soon.
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    Wasn't MPEG-4 supposed to be the end of Flash before it got muddled down by big business?

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    JQuery is best if you are looking for quick javascript work.

    this is one of the sleekest way of doing some cool tricks on websites.

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    If you are a serious web developer and you have not learned how to use jQuery you need to do it right now. The best place to learn is NetTuts:

    Just do a simple search for jQuery on there. They have an awesome set of video tutorials for jQuery beginners. Take a look!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    Wasn't MPEG-4 supposed to be the end of Flash before it got muddled down by big business?
    Guess someone didnt like that idea at all

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    Before i Started my blog on wordpress development i had a little blog(60k page view per month) on JQuery development so whenever you hava a problem with JQuery post it up on the forum and i'll try to help you.same goes for every one.

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