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Thread: What was your first programming language?

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    For what ever you are in or what your programming language is..

    either to software development or web design and development

    it is important to keep ourselves updated.

    we are also like computers driven by this passion to study and work hard.

    like every software, application, or program..

    everything evolves...

    everything goes...

    everyone needs to update to keep up.
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    My first programming language was C. I am a windows application developer.

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    my first programming language was basic C after that i learn so many language.

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    Mine, like many others, first programing language was HTML, then CSS then a bit PHP and a bit Pascal(which we needed for school) and the somehow stopped learning to program.. Well IŽll have to start learning again, my skills are rusty and I could use some new ones

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    My first programming language was c++, then Pascal, HTML, a bit J#, but I saw that programming is not for me and i gave it up

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    My first language was PHP i think it most easy for starter. Now i learning CSS and HTML

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    My first language was HTML later i started learning PHP

  8. My first programming language was HTML, which I started learning about 9 years ago and done purely as a hobby. Then about 2 years ago I started learning CSS and more and more I'm developing sites with the intention to produce an income from them, although I still make the odd site for fun/something to do.

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    my first programming language is C.on website building basis its definitly Html.its the basic for all website programing languages you can master it by checking out the w3schools website

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    my first pragramming language was HTML and after Logo, i have learned Logo completely without confusion, but This HTML till now i din't learned perfectly.

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