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Thread: where i should paste this code?

  1. where i should paste this code?

    please help me with my smf forum
    I've been asking these to the forum but no one answers i maybe you guys can help me
    I've been trying to display users on the online list. please take a look.

    where dyou think or to which file should i paste this code please?

    function randomGen($min, $max)
        //  setup our seed
        srand((float) microtime() * 10000000);
        //  Generate the number
        $random = rand($min,$max);
       // Return  the number
        return $random;
    /*adjust these numbers to  display a random number within a range-
    make sure the low number is  on the left.*/
    $random_number = randomGen(10,25);
    echo  "<br/>There are " .$random_number. " visitors online";

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    Do you want it site wide? If so can probably stick is between the php tags in the footer? Is this script to fake the actual user counts?

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    <?php if ($youask == 'stupid question') { echo ('stupid answer'); } ?>

  3. yes.
    i wan't it in the footer since this is my sfm forum
    can i just post it in the footer?

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    Yes, you can put everything in the footer.

    Why do you think no one was helping you?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Naweed View Post
    Yes, you can put everything in the footer.
    Why do you think no one was helping you?
    not that they're not helping its just what i thought of since. one of the mod in their forum told me that they don't encourage such trick and deceive users. so i guess i have to turn to you guys.


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