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  1. Red face word splitter

    how to do word splitting

    if i give buynow it should give buy now

    if i give worldtraveltour then world travel tour

    if i give domainsitea it should give domain site a


    any dictionary tools , class files are available for this task ?


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    Hmm...Dunno how to do it..But googled it and found this
    Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online

    hope it helps you a little..

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    looks like what you want is to split the words if they are found in dictionary.

    this could be achieved if we have a disctionary of words arranged in reverse order of length.

    i.e. largest word in the beginning and smallest in the end.

    and by comparing each word with the list if match found the split the list.

    I will try and make a code when possible.

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