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Thread: Your PHP editor ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    If you're using Notepad now, try Notepad++.
    Thanks for suggestion Will . I will try this double power notepad next time for sure and replace it with my notepad .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Lol, buy a key and you will only have to register it once, or just click never register, fixed... Loading screen I can't say anything about as I load it up usually once or twice a month when I restart and it stays running at all times.

    lol I can't be bothered buying CS bundle.. way to much money near a thousand.
    I rarely buy software unless I need it, the last software I bought was SmartFTP becuase I can't stand those free ftp uploaders.
    So do you guys build your html pages in a visual editor. (like Dreamweaver) too?
    I use Notepad++ for html/css too. I pretty much visualize everything in the code myself rather then realiying on a visual editor. But I have almost all the html tags memorized and understand what they do.
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    i am only editing readymade scripts and using "editplus3"

    and many time cpannel editor
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    Notepad++ is awesome, full stop.
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