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Thread: Your PHP editor ?

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    Which editor you used to develop your php codes ? I use Dreamweaver because its pretty easy to use and you can do both design and development in same workpalce. Also you can configure apache if you have it installed in your PC so makes life easy.

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    Just use Notepad ++.

    it even lets you test it, and has PHP as a language setting
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    or dont

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    dream waver its the best some day i use phpeditor

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    Notepad++ and Dreamweaver CS4
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    Rapid PHP and Dreamweaver CS

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    vi all the way
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    Dreamweaver CS 4

  8. Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    vi all the way
    I'm with nux. `vi` is the most efficient editor ever created.
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    Isnt vi a command line editor ?

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