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Thread: 1 month passed, still not indexed

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    1 month passed, still not indexed was registered long time back, but still its not indexed.

    Is it because of TLD .im or that it just does not have any content except a image on homepage.

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    what do you think is going to get indexed?
    you have one page, and it has an image on it and that's it!
    you don't have any backlinks to the site

    do I need to go on?
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    Gotta get some links man!

    Put a link to it in your NB signature and it should get indexed.
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    I think the best way to get indexed is using a tool like onlywire which submits it to about 15 social bookmarking sites.

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    Agree with the above.

    You need to add content "words" and also some backlinks. Need to give a reason that google would want to send visitors to your site.
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    Thanks guys, I will soon build a homepage and also submit my site to Google for indexing.

    I was seeing that whether it indexes the domain and the image without doing anything (banklinks, etc).

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    Hi Pankaj,

    I have a solution for you. Follow my link here to read on Simon Blog - A place to share my interest to all...

    Do reply here how fast Google and Yahoo indexed your website. (My Personal Blog) (My Wushu Diary)

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    Just post back links at other websites.

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    Remember that the site will only get indexed by the search engines if there is something of value to searchers there. You need content on that page to get it indexed and then create a couple of backlinks or bookmark in some social network sites and it will be indexed very quickly.


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    submit your site in some Social Bookmarking sites

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