1. Understanding Search Engines
• Internet Marketing - a brief introduction
• Search Engine Marketing - Its important methods
• Types of Search Engines
• Major Search Engines & Web Directories
1a. Internet Marketing - a brief introduction
Internet Marketing means the use of Internet to advertise and sell your products and services. It mainly includes:
• Search Engine Marketing incl.
o Search Engine Optimization
o Pay Per Click Advertising
• Banner & Text Advertising
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Social Media Marketing incl.
o Blog Marketing
o Social book-marking etc
1b. Search Engine Marketing - Its important methods
The main purpose of Search Engine Marketing is to increase targeted traffic to your web site from Search Engines via organic search engine ranking and paid listing & advertising.
The main methods of SEM include:

• Search Engine Optimization – SEO
o Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of designing, creating and refining your web site’s contents and structure so that it is represented in a more prominent position when found by a search engine.
• Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverting
o Search Engine Advertising or paying the search engine company for a guaranteed high ranking or an ad displayed aside the results (commonly known as pay-per-click or PPC advertising). For example Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter Live Advertising etc.
• Paid Inclusion in SEs & Online Directories
o Paid inclusion or paying the search engine company for a guarantee that the website is included in their natural search index. Google does not accept payment for guaranteed inclusion in its organic search index; but offers its effective PPC system i.e. Google AdWords.
o Improving results by analyzing site traffic through Web Analytics software like Google Analytics
1c. Types of Search Engines
• Crawler-based Search Engines – such as Google, Yahoo & Live, use software (also called robot, crawler, or spider) to automatically add new pages in their databases (index). It has three major elements:
o Spider or crawler – visits a web page, reads it and then follow links to other sites.
o The Index - everything the spider finds goes into the index like a giant book containing a copy of every page that the spider finds.
o Search Engine software – a program that search through the millions of pages recorded in the index to find matches to a search and rank them of what it believes is most relevant.
• Human-powered Directories – such as Yahoo Directory, Open Directory Project (DMOZ) etc., use human to manually fill and manage their databases.
• Meta Search Engines – like MetaCrawler.com, DogPile.com etc. combines results from a number of search engines and display them at the same time.
• Pay-per-Performance & Paid Inclusion Engines - that accepts fee to keep your site listed, re-spidered, or top-ranked for keywords of your choice.
1d. Major Search Engines & Web Directories
Search Engines
• Google
• Yahoo
• Live (MSN)
Online Directories
• Yahoo Directory
• The Open Project – DMOZ
PPC Search Engines
• Google AdWords
• Yahoo Search Marketing
• Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Meta Search Engines
• MetaCrawler.com
• DogPile.com