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Thread: 10 Things You Should Quit Doing NOW

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    10 Things You Should Quit Doing NOW

    When it comes to a successful website, there are loads of techniques that come and go over the years. For the same reason you should not be "optimizing" on-site by creating white-on-white text... Here are ten things you should NOT be doing to build or promote a site.

    See article at SEW... Then let's hear your thoughts: 10 OLD SEO Methods You Need to Stop
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    Someone who gets it when it comes to article marketing!
    What I have been saying, waste of time and money...

    Now for link exchanges?
    I kind of agree with him, but then I kind of not agree with him.
    Within same niches I see exchanges as good for both sites.
    But to exchange links with sites that have nothing to do with yours, stop it!

    Really, he does speak some great truths here.

    Recommended reading to all webmasters.
    Though seo people may scoff at what they read here.

  3. Thanks for your sharing about this. I will try to stop write in ezine, and looking for another method as you reference.

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    Nice article, I tend to do link exchanges though with sites in the same niche. It improves the rankings, since it brings in visitors interested in the topic and linking to the content. Glad I'm not wasting any time writing on article directories
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I've seen that Article Marketing is among the 10 things that should be stopped. Although, it's lost its effectiveness, but I don't think people should stop using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatar4 View Post
    I've seen that Article Marketing is among the 10 things that should be stopped. Although, it's lost its effectiveness, but I don't think people should stop using it.
    Why would you do it if it is not effective?

    Given the Google changes over the last year, don't you think you are much better off if you focus your writing on developing good content for your own sites, rather than writing articles that just get copied to other sites?
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    Keep in mind....
    Not everyone has a site or blog.
    Not everyone who writes articles links back to their site or blog.
    Lot of people write articles that link back to an affiliate product.

    So, there are many times it is best to do article marketing.

    And remember, so far google keeps adding to their serps a lot of articles found on article directories and sites.

    A lot of marketers will drop articles off at every know article directory and site, just to jumpstart a new marketing campaign.
    Like so many seo people will do the same to get some quick buzz and backlinks for a new site.

    In other words, though I do not use article marketing, there are many instances where this is good strategy and many people who still do this.

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    I mostly agree with him but most people (myself included) are challenged when it comes to writing good enough (linkable) web content that others will want to naturally link to, so it won't work for them unless they guest blog on one of the most popular sites on the web, then even if they post rubbish it will get linked to.

    The only way this concept has worked for me is by providing free online tools e.g. like a PR checker. Then it gets linked to from many people recommending the widget on forums etc.

    But your post about blue widgets has no chance of getting natural links IMO unless it is a kind of viral link-bait post. So you have to post your spun articles to EZA etc. to get some links.

    If you team up with your mates in the blogosphere, then you can interlink between each other in a natural way. But you will be stuck in your peer group of PR0 bloggers without some SEO.

  9. From my readings and experiences, I can say, NOW, you should stop 'Anchor text over optimisation' & 'Excess link exchanges'

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    Nice points. Now I am also focusing on Videos. Right now, I am more into social things.

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