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Thread: 100 Ways To Promote Your Site

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    so ... in the other words ... it's same thing with cheating right ?
    a few days ago ,he showed up to me that his site still in the first place when we search for it.
    what is SERPS ?

  2. Yeah it is kinda cheating and blackhat.
    And it is really stupid to do.

    I am sure he must be using the tool everyday.

    SERPS- Search Engine Results Page

    And if it is for some stupid keyword then he may naturally be first. For example he will be 1st for the blog's name itself.
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    hooooo ... i see ...
    at the first time i see what he did . whoaaa ... in my mind .. how he do that ...
    he can make money from that,by tricked the newbie ...
    if u want to make your site always on first page ... i can teach you ... with some money ofcourse...
    hoahhh ... almost tricked by him ..
    thx for sharing ya ..

  4. Awesome List farrhad. This would rock if it were a post. Great work !
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    Nice Farrhad!! Thanks!

  6. I never knew Yahoo Answers was one of the best ways to promote your site, but now that I think about it, it seems as if there will be a lot of views and hopefully people will click through to your site. Thanks for this good advice.

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    farrhad just list 100 ways to promote, which mean it's not always best. The best or no is depend on how you're using it. For example, yahoo answer which you mentioned, if you use it properly it will give you traffic, but if you do promoting too much via YA, or spamming, you will get no traffic but get banned :P.

    So, best/no is not about the method, but how you use it...

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    Holy 0_o This is one serious list your friend wrote there...

    I guess you could spread it into a 100 posts in TDD. :P

  9. All of these are great ideas..I have to try some! Great post farrhad
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    It's a very interesting and huuuge list. I wonder whether the list is prioritized?

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