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Thread: 12 Creative Ways To Gain Backlinks Rapidly

  1. 12 Creative Ways To Gain Backlinks Rapidly

    For many people, they may think link building is boring, but it doesn’t have to be boring. There are many other creative ways to get the backlinks, and it can be fun too. Check out the 12 creative ways to gain backlinks rapidly.

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    12 Creative Ways To Gain Backlinks Rapidly

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    Thanks AlbertF,

    Ha ha ha yes indeed those are creative ways, however at least half of them require special skills such as programming and such.

    I do apply at least 4 techniques describe in that articles such as creating web templates (glype proxy templates to be exact), participating in few forums (my biggest traffic contributors), article submission, and social bookmarks.

    Social networking has not given me any result at all, but I guess it depends on the niche you are in....

    Overall, I like the article, thanks.

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    I find submitting to feed directories to be effective becuse you only have to do it once and it updates automatically.


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    The best way to get backlinks is to ask for a spot on the blogroll

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    So blogrolls are good? I don't have that much experience with paid blogs or blogs like that. Only "xanga" type blogs. On some of my previous blogs there I was able to get thousands of views per week.

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