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Thread: 2014 Inbound Marketing Trends

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    2014 Inbound Marketing Trends

    Here's I wanna share you guys is all about the 2014 inbound marketing trends posted by Kurtis Bohrnstedt from the Moz blog site. Kindly visit the link for your reference and study this valuable content for creating new ideas for your marketing campaign. 2014 Inbound Marketing Trends - Moz

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    So in 2014 should we build 1 or say 100 links from each website that we plant links on? I guess that one can bill the client more for 100 links per domain?

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    I have never seen such an industry where there is so much daily change. This is a great article, but I can just see some SEO experts gaining knowledge for 2 days a week, when their boss thought they employed an expert. I still question the Social Media figures, and how long will it be before we hear from Matt Cutts on 'un-natural link harvesting', which is how we are earnnig our money. But, a great article - many thanks.

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