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Thread: 5 Easy Ways to Build Powerful Contextual Back Links

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    5 Easy Ways to Build Powerful Contextual Back Links

    The best links are contextual links - anchored links wrapped around content.

    If you like what you read here I share some of my best kept secrets in this free report: 17 Untapped Link Building Secrets (ver 3.0). I updated it just the other day.

    Anyway, I'll start with the most powerful tip first.

    1. Free Content In Exchange For Links

    There's many webmasters out there in your niche looking for free unique content - you just have to find them and provide it.

    Here's a few search strings that have WORKED WONDERS for me.

    bluewidget guest blogger wanted
    bluewidget guest writer
    bluewidget guest blog post writer
    bluewidget add article
    bluewidget add blog post
    bluewidget add content
    bluewidget submit content
    bluewidget submit article
    bluewidget submit post
    bluewidget submit blog post

    (replace bluewidget with your niche)

    2. Buying Blog Posts and Reviews on Established Blogs

    Trot over to any webmaster Buy/Sell/Trade section and make a thread that you're buying blog posts. You'll get offers, but most of them will be junk. Sift through the dirt to find the gold.

    Search for established blogs that are relevant to the niche you’re in for the best result.

    Make sure the blogs are aged and not dropped - this tool will help you find out:

    You can also find good deals on posts from blog networks, but its anyone’s guess as to how long these networks will keep their sites up after the sales stop. Make sure the blogs are spread across a healthy amount of C Class Ips.

    3. Create Squidoos and Hubpages - Web 2.0 Marketing

    Write some content and create your own Squidoos and Hubpages. Link back to your site twice within the article using your targeted keywords and voila, instant contextual links.

    Hubpages will keep the link nofollow until you hit a score of 70. You’ll have to add pictures, unique content, and give it a few links to raise that score.

    Getting contextual links from these domains will benefit your site(s) nicely.

    4. Article Marketing - Oldie but Goodie

    Article marketing - the “ol’ faithful” when it comes to building links. It still works, and works well.

    Anytime I see some of my rankings drooping I will fire off some articles and notice a pick-up a week later.

    Contextual links galore, make sure the general topic of your articles matches the anchor text of your links in your resource box.

    5. Hunting for Contexual Links on Do-Follow Blog Posts

    This is a nice little way to build contextual links because the content is already on the page, all you have to do is exploit it (and hope your comment/link gets approved).

    Using tools like Fast Blog Finder you can find blog posts that contain your keyword somewhere on the page. When it comes to link relevancy, it doesn’t get any better than that.

    Do you have more link building tips to add???

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