You know that many sites such as blogs don't like you to use a keyword in the name field for a comment, so how about using your name or pen name and linking to a site about you, but this site links out to all your other sites with keyword-anchored links?

Sorry if this is an old idea but it does seem like a good strategy.

So if your name is: Jet Lee you build a blog about you on and link to this blog from all the places you interact on such as forums and blogs.

Then in the sidebar of the blog, you link out to all your sites. Also you could build pages or posts on this blog about each of your sites and include in-content links to them.

Maybe the best strategy is to have a static home page about you so it is what people expect when they click on your name link from the external sites?

Then, every time you create a new site, make a post about it to link from this site to it.

With time, your "about me" site should get some authority in the search engines and provide an easy way to kick off new sites with a relevant authority link.

Share your thoughts on this SEO technique ...