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    Any of you guys on The Admin Zone?

    They've got a few excellent resources there. They also have their own set of secluded Exchange forums. To get in, you have to join the Launch Team first, which will give you access to The Exchanges later. What first has to happen though is you make ten posts in two forums from the Launch Team. You then will have access to the exchange. The Launch Team forums change every month. Those who make fifty posts on the team can apply to get on the next set of Launch Team forums. The last time I got on the Launch Team, I basically got 300-500 free posts. I'll be honest for a bit, their post exchanges are more mature and are of better quality than Forum Promotion's posts.

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    It seems good, not sure. I think I already registered there along time ago.

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    It's a decent forum, but I don't think it is as friendly as others.

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    its confusing me

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    The Exchange section is harder to get into, but the idea of the Launch Team is really good.

    Every period (1-2 months), a few sites get selected to get into the Launch Team. New guys have to make ten posts on at least two of the forums selected to get into the exchange. When the period ends, anyone who makes fifty posts (in total) of the forums can apply to be on the next launch team.

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    Never used them but will take a look, cheers for the heads up.

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    I think it's pretty cool that big names from the forum software giants are all there. Matt Rogowski of MyBB, marshalrusty of phpBB, and even Brandon Farber of IPB are there.

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