Adsense TOS: Ways to get banned from Google Adsense program

AdSense is a serious online, money maker with some guys making as much as $10,000 a day (source). It’s undeniable that AdSense provides a good source of income for webmasters running successful online websites. In year 2006, Google made $10.6 billion from ads and 39% of this came from websites that displays AdSense ads on them (source). Imagine, $4.1 billion dollars were paid to webmasters worldwide for displaying AdSense ads on their sites. This is one reason why AdSense is so important as a source of revenue, they pay a lot. If you are new to Google AdSense program or thinking of joining the program, below is a list of things that can get you banned from the program. So, please do not practice any of the listed items.

* Click on your own ads. It’s the fastest, quickest way to get banned. People in Google are really smart and changing your IP address, deleting cookies or changing computer will simply not fool Google. They have a sophisticated system that track computers like no other. You may not get banned overnight but when its pay day, you may get an email saying ”you have violated our Term of Service (TOS) and your account is terminated”. All money made will be refunded to the Advertisers and you will get nothing.
* Displaying ads on non content or non family friendly pages. AdSense ads can only be displayed on content rich pages. Pages that have sexual, hate related, violence, or illegal stuffs is a big NO but then again if you really want to test the system, go a head.
* Display more than 3 ad blocks, 3 link units, 2 referral buttons on a single page. If you do display more, those additional ads will get disable automatically but keep doing it is a sure way to get banned from the program.
* Modify/customize the AdSense codes to your liking.
* Make public your CTR, eCPM values. Your revenue details are private and confidential and should not be published or disclosed.
* Labeling AdSense ads with sign other than “Advertisements” or “Sponsored Links”.
* Send to your friends a html formatted email with AdSense ads on them. Asking your friends specifically to click on those ads will (a). Get you banned from AdSense and (b). Labelled as an @$$hole by your buddies.
* Place pictures close/adjacent to AdSense ads and make them look like they are related but deep in side your head you know they are not related and you are simply trying to fool users into clicking those ads. Below is a good example you can follow and that vertical line will not make a difference.