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Thread: Advice me to get PR :(

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    Advice me to get PR :(

    Dear friends,

    Please give your valuable suggestions and advices to make relevant changes to the site and to get a PR.

    This is the site and it's current PR is zero.

    NewGenre Software and BPO Solutions

    I heard that Number of backlinks and PR is directly proportional. I have created more than 400 links to the site. But till the day the PR is zero. Please help me solving this. Am ready to do some work on it and will make relevant changes.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You will see your PR change around the next Google toolbar PR update. PR 1-3 is fairly easy to achieve with a few hundred back links. For PR higher than 3, your back links should probably be coming from a high authority site; directly off the page with a high PR (not the PR of the main domain).

    No matter what people say about the relevancy or non-relevancy of PR's, I personally think it is a great motivating stat for any webmaster. And yeah, there are people who denounce PR just because it decreased for their site. On the next update, if their sites PR increases, these same people start worshiping it. Hypocrisy at its best!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Rodriquez View Post
    You will see your PR change around the next Google toolbar PR update.
    You will need to wait until the next pr update to see any changes.

    Don't worry though. PR is updated internally on an almost daily basis. The internal page rank is what matters.

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