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Thread: Advisable Number of Keywords In Web Content for Improved SE Placement

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    Advisable Number of Keywords In Web Content for Improved SE Placement

    I am working on including two of my most popular searched keywords in my main page's content in hopes of getting better search engine placement results. The word count of that page is exactly 1,073 words with my primary keyword appearing 21 times, and my secondary keyword 10 times. I'm just curious to know is this ratio good? If not, what should I strive to have?

    Thanks for your advice on this matter.

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    KD should range between 3-4%... High KD gives spammy impression to the crawlers...
    Scatter keyword naturally and must come in easy flow… NOOO stuffing

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    Don't worry about the keyword density. It no longer matters like it once did. Just stay focused on a topic and write for your users--but keep the search engine in mind when doing so.

    Don't go overboard with keyword usage. That makes an article read poorly for your users and looks spammy to a spider.
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    Thank you both for your input.... I haven't published a website in years and I remember the last time I did, keyword density was a very important factor

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    One of my least worries, is keywords in a post!
    I see so many webmasters obsess about keywords, how many, the % and on and on.

    Just write and publish.
    That is my motto.

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    I think your keyword density is too high, the most pleasant keyword density is 5% (not exceeding that) for primary and 2% (not exceeding 3%) for the secondary in my opinion.

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    Keyword density isn't an an important SEO factor. However, a high keyword density could be a negative quality factor. The best is to use natural language and not to worry about the keyword density. I try to keep the keyword density to 1%. As a rule of thumb, 1) include the primary keyword in title, 2) start the first paragraph with your primary kw, 3) include the kw in an h tag and 4) also mention it in the last paragraph.

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    I roughly do the same as Bogart but I don't care to calculate keyword density. I figure that my main keyword is a suggestion to the search engine of what my web page is about and I leave it to them to determine the other keywords that I never knew were in my web page.

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