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    I have a spare £75 adwords voucher valid for another week.

    Would I just be wasting my time using this on a new forum [less than a month old]?

    Should I put it to better use?

    It would be great to hear your experiences of using adwords for a forum. I am in the humor niche.

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    I'm embarrassed to say that I once forgot about a $50 Adwords voucher, until after it expired. I still tried it but it wouldn't work So my advice would be to use it quick, it won't do your site any harm and the Adwords reports for your ads will provide you with a lot of very useful information.

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    I got one and sold it (albeit for a very low price) as I didn't really see much of a use for it myself. It may be more effective for businesses though and I may use Adwords in the future.

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    how much you sold it for admin?

    I'm currently using a $100 USD adword & put my ad online.

    I'm getting more then usual visits & registeration because of this adword & some other ads i purchased i believe.

    I'm not sure if its only the adword helping me, but i can say it did helped.

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