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Thread: any SEO tips?

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    any SEO tips?

    i know keywords are very important for SEO.share some good seo tips.

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    yes keywords are the mainstay of seo , having strong keywords helps ,to work on weak keywords to achieve high PR in search engines is a challenge, however there is more competition in rich keywords, so niche keywords are good to work on!

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    SEO is the richest keyword I think, I heard that in other forums and it will definitely help build your PR in no time. Niche keywords are also important when posting articles on a blog or website.

  4. Keywords are important and they must be relevant to what the page is about, and I've found that websites with pretty URLs, rather than something.php?lol=john tend to rank better; as well as being more secure.
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    well do blog commenting with you site URL this really helps a lot in creating backlinks.

    Buy signatures in some famous forum like DP ,sitepoint and more

    submit your sites to directories.

    submit your press release to press release directories.

    and there are many more ways.

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    try to brainstorm for about 1 hr. at least, and add those words that has potentials. remember that imagining yourself as the VISITOR is a key also.

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    My tip is built as much back link as you can.

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