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Thread: Article Spinning: Spam or Good?

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    Article Spinning: Spam or Good?

    First off, I am not talking about simple usage of synonyms. I am talking about rewriting a sentence 3+ times and then 'synonimizing' each word in the article, varying the sentence and paragraph numbers.

    I do it but slowly I am losing my love for it. It is like producing babies that have different faces but do the same thing. The gist of that article would be the same, the writing-style would be the same and the points/steps/lists in that article would be somewhat same.

    Also in some cases the duplicates start to emerge when you distribute it many places.

    What we are mainly concerned is passing the copyscape test. We really don't know what the google minions do in their underground hideouts. We don't know how they view content and rate duplicates.

    But I hope we can agree when I say that Google can do a better job than CopyScape in finding duplicates??

    So my question is, would you better like spinning article and sending it to 500 web properties or gain your reputation and authority slowly but surely through forums, guest posts, videos, ebooks and press releases?

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    Have you ever read a spinned article? I'm getting headache after two sentences, it's a useless spam, and I hope that search engines will get smarter and consider them as pure spam (duplicate). In long term I'm pretty sure you are better off with the "forums, guest posts, videos, ebooks and press releases".

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    I am not sold on that their is such a thing as duplicate content. I really think it is a myth and here is my reason why.

    Actress Betty Garrett just passed away. I wanted info about her. I googled it here is what I found at the time 144 stories about her death. 130 of them were the exact same AP News story on different sites. Now if big G really cared about duplicate content the AP News wire and sites that are using that exact info for years would be slapped hard and that are not.

    Second reason Article sites. People submit the same article to hundreds sometime thousands or article sites most but not all articles sites have the same content again if big G really cared about duplicate content, Why are all the article sites getting indexed?

    Shall I go on with joke site, wallpaper sites, or what about proxy sites most of them say the same thing which is not much.

    So IMO you can have duplicate content on a site.

    Just a myth like the sandbox that some so called SEO expert started to help make sales and people are buying into it. NO one know why G does what it does.

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    Google treats duplicate content like this:

    The most relevant sites having the content (according to google) are shown on searches.
    All else are not shown on searches.

    When it comes to news?
    Some reason google will show in searches just about all sites that carry the story.

    Now to spinning....

    I have NEVER found any software that can do a GOOD job of spinning.
    So save your money and your time and some aggravation and not bother with article spinning software (I say all this when I sell such! LOL).

    As Sami pointed out, there are tons of people out there who submit the same article, word for word, to hundreds of articles directories.
    With no problems at all from google.

    I believe the whole duplicate content thing is a made up myth.

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    @Tetrapak, I have personally written and spun several articles and they are quite good. They do have some problems which I edit before submitting to an article directory. But I can't do the same when I submit it to blog networks since we have to submit the article with all the spin syntax.
    So there's a high a chance that a poorly written content links to my site which is not at all good if I want to be a trusted authority in that niche.

    @Sami and iowadog,
    Google treats a piece of News and Content differently. and nobody knows the worth of a backlink from a duplicate article.

    To me its all about leaving footprints on the internet and making me susceptible to a google hammer for littering the web with junk.

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    try to manually spin articles for good readability by keyword flood software

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciidoctor View Post
    try to manually spin articles for good readability by keyword flood software
    Its not about readability. I am talking about the junk its spreading on the internet. Similar(not same) articles flood the internet linking to websites/articles of only one person.

    Incoming backlinks is undoubtedly the most influential SERPs factor. But building links to yourself with similar articles is not good for the web community.

    The backlinks must be voluntarily given to a helpful site by other webmasters. But spinning and syndicating an article to hundreds of properties is not ethical IMHO.

    It is like you are starting a detergent company and send your agents masked as common people to vouch for your product in the general public.

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    As long as the article is coherent, it should be a benefit to the web since it should capture more search traffic that may otherwise have missed out on finding what they were looking for.

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    On the contrary, people would have landed on non-seod pages with real information, instead of the spinned crap - if you were referring to spinned articles that are "coherent".

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    Article spinning is spam, or at least, I think google would think that if they found it.
    You aren't spinning the article for humans, you are doing it to try to get google to count it as a backlink. If you weren't worried about google, you wouldn't be spinning it...
    If the only reason for doing something is to get a back link, then it's probably spam, at least to google.

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