First off, I am not talking about simple usage of synonyms. I am talking about rewriting a sentence 3+ times and then 'synonimizing' each word in the article, varying the sentence and paragraph numbers.

I do it but slowly I am losing my love for it. It is like producing babies that have different faces but do the same thing. The gist of that article would be the same, the writing-style would be the same and the points/steps/lists in that article would be somewhat same.

Also in some cases the duplicates start to emerge when you distribute it many places.

What we are mainly concerned is passing the copyscape test. We really don't know what the google minions do in their underground hideouts. We don't know how they view content and rate duplicates.

But I hope we can agree when I say that Google can do a better job than CopyScape in finding duplicates??

So my question is, would you better like spinning article and sending it to 500 web properties or gain your reputation and authority slowly but surely through forums, guest posts, videos, ebooks and press releases?