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Thread: Avoid these techniques whenever you optimize site.

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    Avoid these techniques whenever you optimize site.

    hello friends,

    I want ask these question of SEO techniques related which is avoid SEO whenever we optimize website then we should avoid those trick..

    just like a:-

    1. Keywords Stuffing
    2. Cloaking
    3. Doorway Pages
    4. Link Farming
    5. Page Hijacking
    6. Mirror Websites
    7. Buying Expired Domains
    8. Selling Page Rank

    i think you know this thing but i could not understand that what is this..

    so anybody could you explain now..spacialy:- keywords stuffing, cloaking, and doorway pages

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    Keyword stuffing is increasing the density of a particular keyword within text in a page to an extent that is too much and totally unneeded.

    Cloaking is a way of providing different data to users and search engines. There's a certain code in the header file that shows data of a particuar niche whenever search engine bots are detected, for the normal users, the data displayed is different.

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