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Thread: Backlinks and PR confusion

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    Backlinks and PR confusion

    I'm having trouble understanding the strategy to increase PR through backlinks. This confusion is a mind swirling for me and I can't get the solution. When I go out and attain links to the blogs, should all the backlinks be pointing to the home page? Since in a blog, there are various different keywords throughout (as opposed to concentrated on one page or another like a normal site) what is the best strategy on "where" to point backlinks to?I've been doing a lot of research and can't seem to get a clear answer. Hope you can help me clearing up the confusion.

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    If you mass out links to the homepage, then make sure that you do not make internal links with the same anchor text that link to the homepage. Always link back to previous posts.

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    I would suggest you to get backlinks pointed to your homepage. For my blog I have always tried to get backlinks pointing to my website index page and result shows that my overall Page Rank have increased (home page plus all internal posts and pages)
    comming soon

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    Pointing backlinks to home page will increase entire Pagerank instead of just homepage,but the reverse might not work.I guess it is so and works on my Blog.

    PS: I am not very good at SEO

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