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Thread: Are backlinks from high PR pages important

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    I prefer Indexed pages. Purchase the link from the site that has more indexed pages.. I recommend you to purchase Sitewide links. It will definitely works...
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    Getting backlinks from high page rank websites can boost our search engine ranking only if it is relevant to our niche. PR is how google brand your website and its part of their trust meter, so a high PR and relevant site can be called authority for our domain and are suggested in link building methods.

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    1. Number of quality backlinks to the site
    2. How regulary the site gets spidered

    These are the most important factors. Often having a high PR is a symptom of fulfilling these, but it in itself is not an important factor.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    How do you judge related sites?
    My rule of thumb is "Will this look like a paid link to a Google spam engineer?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    My rule of thumb is "Will this look like a paid link to a Google spam engineer?"
    Good rule of thumb. It all goes back to how Google has changed the way we think, when it comes to linking.

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    But if it was relevant and also our link is not mixed with other websites then I think its a good idea to have a big boost in rankings. Link for example if the manila times featured our website then google will definitely consider this as an authority link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vij View Post
    Are backlinks from high PR pages important to rank in google.

    All other things being equal-
    "Will a site with 10 related backlinks from PR5 pages" rank higher than
    "A site with 20 related backlinks from PR1 pages".

    Whats the general consensus ?

    Thanks guys!
    you should try get links from the related sites and there pr should be greater than yours. Where you are publishing your link that should be with minimum OBL

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