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Thread: Best PR you've achieved?

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    Best PR you've achieved?

    What's the best page rank value you have achieved? For me it is 4.

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    Hello recently 3 of my proxies got a PR2, while one got a PR3..I am indeed very happy and will be trying my best to achieve a higher PR...

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    At the moment all my sites i pr1 or pr2, also have 2 sites with pr3. Few years ago i had one site with pr5 but it lasted till next google pr update, so i think this don`t counts

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    Currently on the sites which i am working i have 3 PR1 sites.
    The highest rank i ever had was for my 1st site launched way back in 2007.It was PR3 for almost a year and half.
    I have one more site with PR2 which is a windows mobile related site.

  5. My highest that I know of is PR 2. After one google update all my sites (which were PR 0 and PR 1) had changed to PR 2, so I'm guessing they screwed up that quarter. I don't really care about PR to be honest, if you search for something and look at all of the result's page ranks you'll see it does little to affect it.

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    the highest ive ever managed to get is a PR3 site and that took me a fair while, however im working on a few new sites and hope to get even higher.

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    I have a PR3 right now and it's been less than a year. We're going to make some updates to the site and hope that helps us get and retain more visitors.
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