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    Red face Best SEO Links

    I know you are used to long topics from my part, but unfortunately there is not much to be said here... :P

    I made a thread some time ago about SEO Tools, now it is time that I share with you guys (and gals) my list of the best websites about Search Engine Optimization

    Strictly (and pure) SEO:
    1. First, the more than famous Aaron Wall's SEOBook
    2. Jill Whalen's High Rankings (the forum)
    3. SEO-News
    4. SiteProNews' seo section
    5. SEO Chat

    To learn more about SEs:

    Advanced SEO: this site is extremely accurate!

    Feel free to add your own.

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    Those two forums are really great for SEO. I read them for a long time and I have learned many good things from there.

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    I used to be very active on the forums but it is filled with crap now. The forum team is extremely rude and don't know proper SEO themselves.

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