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Thread: Best Site Marketing Techniques?

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    Best Site Marketing Techniques?

    What site marketing techniques are best for a new website launch?

    I see a lot of different people peddling a lot of different things. Should I go with pay per click ads? Should I enlist the aid of a url submit service? Do I need to hire an SEO or other type of marketing company?
    I don't have a big budget so I'm not sure what to do.

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    PPC can be expensive. Manual link building, making use of Youtube, Maybe cheap PTC sites can be initially useful for a low budget. Rather than hiring someone for SEO, why don't you spend a week or so just learning about its various tricks and tips and then do all work by yourself?? That'd surely be fun i'd say.

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    It is hard to know. SEO is very good, and link backs are needed.

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    It is hard to know. SEO is very good

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