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Thread: The best way to increase Page Rank !

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    The best way to increase Page Rank !

    Have a high page rank is a result of successful web marketing, and already more 3 months I am hardly work on it, for attend to 5 page rank from 4.

    I learned that google has already update results but unfortunately my page rank didn't increase.

    Please, give me Your advices and comments,

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    Re: The best way to increase Page Rank !

    Getting tons of back links would be the best thing!.. Participating on the SEO strategies like article and directory submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, classified ads, press releases, link exchange, social book marking and online groups. These strategies will help you get back links that you wanted.. Just make sure that your getting quality of back links..

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    Re: The best way to increase Page Rank !

    If you want to get higher chances of getting higher PR value, you have to participate in all of the SEO strategies to get back links.. Quality of back links okay? Always remember that quality of back links gives more weight value compared to those back links that your getting on irrelevant sites.. Page rank is not just about back links - it deals with quality of back links and not just quantity!..

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