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Thread: The best way to promote our site

  1. The best way to promote our site

    We're in web hosting business, it's a tough biz as you already know. It's just so competitive and it's getting expensive to do marketing as well. Currently, we have fantastic hosting plans and our clients love it, but we need traffic to our site to get more biz. Which is the best way to do so? Efficiently and economically. Your inputs are greatly appreciated.

  2. I would suggest you to go and check for banner advertisement . Their you can find lots of good webmaster blogs and sites and they offer you cheap banner spots . I have already noticed many web hosting companies using that site to promote their services and results are better too . Because almost all blogs and sites provides you quality traffic and if you have good offer then you will get sales for sure . You can use forums to get customers and offer them something free of discount packages on first time .

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    Why not go for Google Adwords? You may try Yahoo Search Marketing there are various options available. And one more try to be regular at and try to catch few customers from there.


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    Since the world isn't like we want it to be, it's you that needs to go to potential clients. Signup to a lot of webmaster-related forums, even if they aren't as active like DigitalPoint, or NetBuilders and start posting. Once people started respecting and trusting you, than you can start selling hosting offers.

    Ofcourse you should make offers that say 'NAME OF FORUM Discount Only!' so that people think you really love them and the board

    Advertising will do great too and try a good affiliate program so that might help getting clients too. Go to local companies too, and don't stay English only. Translate your website into more languages and get people that give support in different languages (Like one Dutch live chat supporter etc.)

    Hope it helps
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Do you want to promote business locally or at international levels or both ? Because Some people prefer to work with service providers (hosts) in their own area.

    If you are looking to promote locally.

    1. Name your city and state/province in website Title , preferably near the beginning. You want to do well on the SERP for these terms along with your service keywords. ( web hosting, quality web hosting, reliable web hosting etc..)
    2. Place your full address on your Contact page, including country and zip code or postal code. Placing this information easily accessible will make it easier for local search engines and directories to add your site without your even asking them to.
    3. Put your city, state/province, and country elsewhere in the text, perhaps on your About page. (It's useful information for non-locals too. People tend to feel better about doing business with a company that has a named location.

    Don't forget to Submit Your Business in Local Directories:

    Other Resources for Local Business Promotion:

    1. Yellow Pages ads
    2. Local News Papers
    3. Your Vehicle
    4. Your Company Visiting Cards/letterhead
    5. On giveways
    6. Local Chamber of Commerce
    7. Local trade shows


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    Use Yahoo Answers to find people who are specifically looking for new hosting or possibly just unhappy with their old hosting and those leads could end up as easy sales.

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    May not work for all websites, but i've got two walking billboards which should both be good for another 30 years or so each: Walking Billboard2, Walking Billboard1

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