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Thread: The Big Word Project

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    The Big Word Project

    Have you ever heard of TBWP?

    Basically what they do is selling words for $1 per letter. Then, you'll be asked to associate a link with the word you just bought and the next time someone clicks on this word, they will be taken to the URL.

    At the top of the site, you can naviguate through an alphabetical list of every word submitted as for today.

    Okay, the links aren't worth that much in a SEO perspective since it is not (at all) in context. Still, it is a very original way to attract people to your site.

    Personally, I was lucky enough, and I registered both letter 'u' and 'v'. :P

    What's your view on this as an advertising method for your sites?

  2. I didn't know of this, thanks for sharing

    And i disagree that it has no SEO value- A link is a LINK! and it sure does count. It may not be too powerful but yet it is a link :P

    I am not sure if you will get too much traffic but for $1 i would give it a shot.
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    I totally agree with Farrhad, a link is a link and it counts. I'm nt saying it may help you a lot though.

    Back to the topic, its a good concept. Once I restart my blogging I'll be buying a few good 'words'.

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