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    Do you focus at all on your search results in Bing?

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    I personally dont use it, I use Yahoo! only. Bing just sounds too new.

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    I must say i haven't tried bing yet. I use google the most.

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    I don't as not a lot of people use bing compared to google and Yahoo.

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    Blah. I don't see how bing is so big. A search engine with a lot of content is not as good as a search engine with good quality.

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    I would prefer to be only Google. I don't think much people use Bing.

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    I dont Use Bing, always Google is better! and thast the largest Search engine Giant, I have submitted many times my site to Bing and they didnt accept me and then I stopped liking the, Google is always at top for me, even if they would have accepted us!

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    Submitted to Bing (one site) next day page two......I do not believe that you can be in too many engines....

    A customer is a customer.....I do not care where they come from....

    And Bing is spending big bucks on ads...they just may get more users....

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    Never. At the end of the day Google matters when it comes to your site traffic.

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    Because It's Not Google, ha. You have to admit it is a nice well thought out name although I use it at school for image searches that's all, I use Google.

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