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Thread: Bing vs Google vs Yahoo

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    Bing vs Google vs Yahoo

    Lets debate here the positive and negative aspects of these search giants. Also whats the best one for listing our site? From which one you get the most visitors?

    Please debate here,

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    Google is the better one overall, i like Bings image userface, it's pretty awesome.
    But google gives me the most visitors to my site and it's the one i use the most, so thats why i think it's the better one.

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    My website utilizes semantic web attributes and relations, via the Semantic Mediawiki extension.
    Supposedly, Bing is focusing on semantic web for search accuracy - but, so far, I am finding that searching for topics where my site performs really well on Google & Yahoo, Bing is only giving 'average' results rankings for my pages.

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    google i also using google. anywhere most of all people using google than yahoo or bing.
    google is best search engine. we can get any thing even map of paticular city.

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    Google wins this easily, need I say more?

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    I think according to my ratings Google at number One, Yahoo at number Two and Bing at number Three. Yahoo and Google are somewhat neck to neck but Bing is far too behind them.

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    Yes, that is same for me, but Yahoo is a Little farther back.

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    I'll be surprised to see if someone says anything else then Google here. Don't we all know, which one is the best already!
    Why to ask the same thing in different ways again and again?

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    Yes, google is the best out there, always will be.

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    people are using google more than bing or yahoo because it is the best..I will rate yahoo second and bing last.

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