Have you ever done some Blackhating before?

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Black Hat search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.
Blackhat SEO, on the contrary of Whitehating (I'll make another thread on this) tends to give quick results and enormous ammounts of traffic.
Also, viral traffic schemes are often referred as being blackhat optimizing methods.

The cons are that:
1) the results usually don't last,
2) it often drives bulk traffic, therefore visitors not easyly converted into buyers and

The pros:
1) fast,
2) lot of traffic,
2) easier than Whitehat.
I would not be ready to say that Blackhating is 'unethical', but I have to admit that it is not very user-friendly.

Here are some useful links about Blackhat SEO:

SEO Black Hat is a blog decicated to the topic (techniques and news).
Here's the wiki (titled 'Spamdexing')
About.com article.

So, do you Blackhat?

PS: I just read that 'both BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany [were remove from Google's index temporary] for use of deceptive practices'... they then apologised and were forgiven.