I’m sure all you link buyers have seen these blog networks that are selling links around but if you haven’t Ill explain them first. These networks are just basic blogs setup that sells blog posts across the entire network of sites. You normally see anywhere from 50 to 200 blogs in the network. Well if you ever were interested in buying links in these networks or making your own then this is a must read.

I will go over what to look for when looking to buy links on a blog network so you don’t end up wasting your money on links that won’t do you any good.

1. Do the sites have PR?

Basic question but it will give you a rough idea on link popularity.

2. Does the exact same blog post go on every blog?

This is extremely important because it’s very bad if it does. If you have a post with the exact same content on 200 blogs then don’t expect anything in return. More than likely every one of those pages will be in supplemental results. Meaning you just wasted your money.

3. How many different IPs are used?

Basically more the better. Ideally you want to get your blog post on different class C IPs to get the most effect. If the blog network doesn’t have at least a unique IP for every blog then I would forget about it.

4. Do they use RSS autoposts?

If the blog network is using RSS autoposts to fill up the content you need to look very closely on how often it is used. If it is posting 10-20 posts a day then your link will be buried with a quickness, meaning it’s useless and you just wasted your money.

5. Is your post going on related sites?

Say I buy a blog post for chicken recipes and then someone buys one from new WII games. Now put those two posts back to back and tell me if the site is going to be related to your post. As you know the more related the site is that is linking to you the more useful the link will be.

6. Does it have a good linking structure?

If your post can’t be found then its worthless. Make sure that your post would be found in the archives or category links.
If the blog network doesn’t fit those basic guidelines then you are probably wasting your money with them. There has only been one blog network that I’ve seen that actually gave all those items into consideration and is the best bet for the money.

I’m not going to point out any bad ones for examples because I think that’s wrong, but you can use your judgment from the info that I gave.