Building backlinks for your website is one way to increase traffic directed towards it. Paid methods for link building can get you backlinks much faster, but these techniques can help you save money. These methods comprise no-cost ways to get links onto your website and improve your placement in search engine ranking pages. Here is a list of some free, SEO-recommended methods for effective link building.

Article Submission
You need to have some articles ready. If you want to place a site link in article directories, make sure that your article is well-written. Aside from this, it has to have unique content. When the articles (along with the link) in the directories are copied onto various sites, you can get additional backlinks to your site.

Comment Posting
Numerous software are created to hinder blog spamming. When you post comments on blog sites, make sure that these are pertinent to the topics being discussed. Additionally, do not place links within your comments. Put them in the URL field instead.

Competitor Backlinks
If you are aware of who your competition is, it will help to know their backlinks. Go to a site like and type in the URL of any rival sites.

Craigslist Posting
This site mostly attracts traffic from the United States.
Avoid spamming, and instead submit posts that are catchy. Since any posts entered expire after a certain span of time, Craigslist leans more towards being a site to generate traffic. Post on a regular basis to make your links endure.

Directory Submission

There are legions of free web directories that you can choose from. Check to see if the directory you wish to work with has a PageRank rating. Keep in mind that it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to get directories’ approval, due to their manual authorization systems.

Education and Government Sites
.edu and .gov websites are recommended backlinks, as linking from these types of websites give you more clout with search engines. Becoming a valued member of their forums could get your foot in the door, as it is quite difficult to get these links.

Forum Postings
The correct path to follow if you want to post on forums is to involve yourself in forums that actually interest you. If it’s easy for you to post in such a forum, then you will accumulate a lot of posts in no time. Lots of posts, each with a link on your signature, means more exposure for your site.

Give away Freebies
If you can build web templates, try and create as many as you can. Disseminate the templates with your links. You can generate a tremendous number of backlinks this way. You could also give away other things, such as avatars, wallpapers, or quotes.

Group Membership
Joining organizations and establishing yourself as a member can also get you backlinks. Some of the more solid organizations have steady traffic and good PageRank. Linking your website to their site can be a good backlink. The circle of members of each group can link their sites to yours, as well.

Wikipedia Contributions
If you consider yourself an authority on certain subjects, or simply have some insightful information that you would like to impart, then encapsulate that data and submit it to Wikipedia. Register for an account, submit an article, and link that entry to your site (with your site being the information resource page). Do not do this too often, though, as you could incur a ban.

Social Networking
Many well-established social networking sites, such as Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, and YouTube can help you attract more site traffic. Make sure to accumulate numerous ‘friends’ within the network, and post interesting content on your profile page. The more connections you have, the more links you can get.

Quality Content
It has been said that content, meaning good quality content, is king. This kind of content will attract people to your site. These viewers will talk about your content, possibly post links from their websites, and virtually do all your promotion for you. Again, post relevant and interesting content on a regular basis, with topics that are current and even controversial.

Yahoo! Answers
Many people go to Yahoo! Answers for information. Internet users go to that section and post their questions, while some go there to provide comments and answers. Go through their list, find some questions, and post the relevant answer/s on your website, as well as on Yahoo! Answers. Attach your link along.

Here are a few more recommendations:
• Link your site to related sites
• Link your site to those with good PageRank value
• Link your site to those with decent traffic

If you want to get the most out of your website using backlinks, aspire for the most number of high-traffic, high PR, and highly relevant backlinks that you can find.