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Thread: Building links, growing traffic, branding a brandnew site

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    Building links, growing traffic, branding a brandnew site

    In this thread I would like for us to throw out new ideas and proven ways to launch the promotional campaign for brandnew sites or sites which are not doing too well.
    A great way to start building new links has been social medial.

    You can focus on Do Follow ones
    which will help move your sites up in the search engines, but good old exposure can also go long ways and Facebook is a great way for you to help get your brand seen. and now also jumpup
    When you add friends on Facebook, do so by adding them to a certain friends group, so whenever you start a fan club or group, you can choose to only invite those who are most likely to be interested in joining.
    Facebook has a wide reach. The most important part is branding. I do not recommend wasting too much time on blog commenting, but do recommend to show your face on high traffic blogs related to what you blog about regardless of whether or not the do or no follow attribute is in place.

    Joining forums and promoting there is something I only recommend when it's a forum related to your niche.
    Many ways of promoting are effective, but a lot of the ones you do can be a waste of time considering that there are better ways.

    I also recommend contacting owners of blogs ranking high for related keywords about advertising rates. They may add your banner for cheap.
    Go whereever the traffic is, think outside of the box and brand yourself in a way that every visitor who leaves leaves remembering your brand in a positive way.

    This can go long ways. Think outside of the box. If you cover getting powerful links, create an image of someone who knows what he is talking about and in addition you manage to get you brand known, that is a great way to get started promoting your new site!!

    Next ....

    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    I think it depends on what your goals are and waht type of site you have.

    I mean there is no set limit of links you should have, more is better but 100 in one niche might be like having 10,000 in another.

    I like the easy of blog commenting and it also means you can target similar sites to your own. Forums seem to be the way to get lots of links although a lot would probably be classes as useless.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this thread develop and reading the new methods that appear.

    Mike - Can you elborate on the whole facebook point you mentioned above.

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    OK for example:
    I am a part of a political network and have found great likeminded people. We admin each others groups, we get exposure, mainly from those who like our message.
    You start a group and members invite their friends and then as the homepage for your group you assign your own site and turn it into a valuable resource.
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    I agree with Firetown, one of the most successful promotional techniques I've found is social networking.

    Over the last few years I've developed a couple hundred REAL online friends and although I've only met a handful of them in person I'd bend over backwards to do what ever I could to help them promote their sites. In exchange many of them are willing to do the same for me.

    I control two dozen sites and most of them have blogs. If Mike wants an article written and a few links back to a site about Costa Rica all he has to do is ask I'm pretty sure he'd do the same for me.

    We've never spoken in person but we have a number of friends in common. You would be surprised at what you can accomplish with the help of a few hundred online friends!

    Their are no gimmicks with this method and you get back what you put in. It's not a quick or easy method but few things worthwhile are.

    How do you meet online friends? Places like this are an excellent start. When 10 just ain't enough, Real Estate Web Sites that rock!

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    A couple of idea come to mind

    1) For a Business site -- go local. Submit to local directories.
    2) Create a blog and promote with social media.

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